Blockchain & AI efforts against COVID-19

Authors: Carlos David Valderrama Narvaez (more information here) and Pablo Alejandro Morales López (more information here).

Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence efforts against COVID-19


The coronavirus COVID-19 is affecting more than 200 countries and territories around the world.

As of today, there are more than 600,000 confirmed cases worldwide, with the US now recording more than any other country, including China. Europe has also seen a surge in cases.

The coronavirus outbreak was declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) on March 11th.

The infectious disease is passing easily from person to person in many parts of the world, which is accelerating the infection, because of that, many countries are in lockdown to prevent the spread. Unfortunately the misinformation is all over the world.

In said context, it is noteworthy that there are Blockchain solutions that are being deployed, so in this article we will talk about some of them.

Digital Connector Covid-19 an IDB Lab Initiative (more information here)

As their web site sets forth “Digital Connector Covid-19 is a meeting point and collaboration platform to support companies, entrepreneurs and citizens of Latin America and the Caribbean with three types of instruments:

  1. Global digital innovations selected by a multidisciplinary network of experts.

  2. Agreements that allow collaboration with developers to enhance the impact of their solutions

  3. Participation that facilitates the coordination and exchange of idea, experiences and valuable information.

In regard with global digital innovations, there are companies with interesting solutions such as Carina an AI based assistant that can answer all the basic and many specialized questions about Coronavirus. Their chatbot is available to all public administrations for free and even, the company responsible, offers to insert it in minutes.

On the other hand and in attention to the realization of self-diagnosis, there are several platforms that help you get a close diagnosis in order to know if the symptoms you have are serious or not.

MiPasa (more information here) is a new effort to take a joint action against COVID-19.

As stated on website “There is a way out, together. We need to make informed decisions. But how? The key is data.”

The WHO, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, the US and China CDC Department of Health, European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, the Government of Canada, among others, are working on this effort.

MiPasa is defined as a “multidisciplinary super group of health professionals, privacy experts, and software developers, backed by leading technology companies and commercial entities.”

MiPasa will be powered by Blockchain and will use powerful analytics and privacy tools that until now, were available exclusively to elite financial institutions, so, MiPasa found a way to “gather reliable, quality data, and easily accessible to the appropriate entities in order to efficiently battle the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic in a humane, fair and more sustainable manner”.

This Institutions are building a map of all the infected people, and using privacy-enabled self-reporting. This would allow public health officials and individuals to upload data about the time and exact location of different infections.

Also, MiPasa is developing an application that could make it possible to help verify and report by itself data, creating a much more expansive picture of the outbreak and pinpoint more precisely where isolations and quarantines need to happen. Public health officials and individuals could even use mapping data to calculate a risk of exposure, helping hospitals prioritize resources and letting individuals know whether it’s critical for them to get a test.

Trough MiPasa web page you can share “data sources” of Coronavirus cases and send for review. Also if you, as an individual, or as an organization want to collaborate you can join as a web&mobile developer, service provider, healthcare professional, ambassador and community manager, data analyst, investor, digital marketing.

This initiative “can help to monitor and foresee local and global epidemiological trends and detect likely asymptomatic carriers by feeding big data on infection routes and occurrences to powerful AI processors around the world”.

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